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  • Articles about the CHANCE course

    • To Teach, per Chance To Dream, J. Laurie Snell and Daniel Rockmore Notices of the American Mathematical Society, August 1999

    • What are the chances of that!?! Richard Morin, The Washington Post, 4 April, 1999, B5

    • Chance resources Laurie Snell, Joint Statistics Meetings January 1999

    • Take a Chance on CHANCE J. Laurie Snell, UME Trends, January 1995

    • The 1994 Summer Course for Teachers: CHANCE Robert Hesse at Minnesota Geometry Center

    • Completing Math Literacy Jim Dawsons, Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 1, 1994

    • Coke and Pepsi Put Fizz into Statistics Class. Steve Schmidt, San Diego Union-Tribune, 27 April, 1993

    • A Course Called CHANCE John Finn and J. Laurie Snell, Chance Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 3-4, 1992

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