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  • Teacher's Guide (pdf format)

    With it's emphasis on current news, the Chance course does not lend itself to a text book with a daily lesson plan. There are a number of excellent statistics texts that can be used to teach the statistics and probability concepts used.

    One version of a Chance course simply adds current chance news items to a traditional statistics course. We have called such a course a "Chance enhanced" course. Our Chance News is designed to help in teaching such a course.

    Another format is to teach a case study course concentrating on certain major issues that occur regularly in the news such as the Census, Statistics issues in the courts, Medical trials and Statistics in Sports. Here we hope that our Chance Profiles and the Chance lectures will be helpful.

    Finally, there is the Chance course that follows the news as it happens. Here we can only offer you Chance News since we cannot predict tomorrows news.

    In all these courses we try to use activities, computer simulations, data sets and videos to help students understand issues that may not be found in a standard statistics text.

    This Teacher's Guide gives more details on how all of these kinds of courses have been taught.

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    Last updated 15 September 1999