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Introduction to Probability by Charles Grinstead and Laurie Snell

The Chance Project
Mathematics Dept.
Dartmouth College
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Welcome to Chance! This site contains materials to help teach a Chance course. Chance is a quantitative literacy course developed cooperatively by the Chance Team: J. Laurie Snell and Peter Doyle of Dartmouth College, Joan Garfield of the University of Minnesota, Tom Moore of Grinnell College, Bill Peterson of Middlebury College, and Ngambal Shah of Spelman College. We were assisted by grants from NECUSE and the National Science Foundation's Undergraduate Curriculum Development Program. The goal of Chance is to make students more informed, critical readers of current news stories that use probability and statistics.

Chance News. Chance News is a newsletter that reviews articles in the news that use probability or statistical concepts (chance news). It is aimed at helping the general public better understand current chance news and assisting teachers of probability and statistics who want to liven up their courses by using current chance news. From 1992 to 2004 Chance News appeared on this Chance website. These issues of Chance News are archived here. To make it easier for others to contribute to Chance News, it is now available at the


Videos and Audios. Here you will find a collection of video lectures, including the talks given at the first two Chance Lecture Series held at Dartmouth College in 1997 and 1998. Also here are audio discussions of Chance topics, from such sources as National Public Radio.

Chance Course. You will find here syllabi of previous Chance courses and articles that have been written about the Chance course.

Teaching Aids Here you will find our Teacher's Guide and other materials useful for teaching a Chance course.

What's New?. Look here for descriptions of updates to this site and announcements of upcoming events of interest to teachers of Chance.

Related internet Sources. Links to other servers having materials useful for teaching a probability or statistics course.

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