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All term long we have been making up the questions to go along with the newspaper articles we hand out. Now it's your turn. Read and discuss the article on medical exam cheating in today's LA Times. Come up with a bunch of stimulating discussion questions, and write them on the board. As a class we will select a number of these questions, reconvene our groups (including a group consisting of the course teaching staff), and discuss the questions.

CHANCE Carnival

The CHANCE Carnival will take place on the seventh floor of the AP&Mbuilding in Room 7421 and the adjoining areas during the regularly scheduled class period 1:00-2:20 this Thursday 3 June. All final projects must be completed and ready for display at the beginning of the Carnival. The management will provide tape for sticking posters to the walls. Horizontal areas will be available for you to spread stuff out on. (This may mainly consist of the floor and a few tables; we're working on getting more tables.) Anything else you need is up to you.
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