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Look at the following data. Is there a relationship between the average high temperature for July and the per capita income for the state? If there is such a relationship, try to make a chart that expresses that relationship as clearly as possible. When you're done, copy your chart on the blackboard and pick somebody out to explain it. If there is a relationship, why do you think it happens?

Journal assignment

Talk about some combination of the following things that interests you:

  1. See if you can figure out whether your odds are fifty-fifty or better on the ``teaser bet'' now that it's been explained more clearly.

  2. Read the Scientific American article about genetics and the mind. How does it affect your opinion of the video that I hope I was able to show you?

  3. If you think that authors of the paper on streaks in basketball should have taken into account other factors that they left out, tell me how that could have affected their results.
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