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Journal assignment

Read the article on DNA fingerprinting by Leor Halevi, and report on any errors or inconsistencies, or any points that need clarification.

Homework assignment

Read Chapter 16 of FPPA, and do the following review exercises: 1,2,4,5,7.

Using Data Desk, follow up on problem 7 by simulating betting on four joining numbers in roulette. Simulate making this bet 50,100,and 1000 times. How much did you win? How much should you expect to win when playing for this long? When you play longer, should the amount that you win be closer to the expected amount?

It is claimed that if you bet on a single number in roulette 100 times, then the chances are better than 50-50 that you will come out ahead. See if you can substantiate this claim by using Data Desk to simulate a whole bunch of people going to the casino and betting 100 times on a single number.

Where did this sequence come from?

At the end of last time, most of us identified the following sequence as the result of pure coin-flipping: Why?


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