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Toronto Star article on ESP



Read the article in the Toronto Star concerning recent ESP experiments.

Carry out the following ESP experiments within your group. Choose one member of your group to be a ``sender". The sender will have four cards each of a different suit. He or she will shuffle these four cards and then look at the top card being careful not to let anyone else see it. The sender will then concentrate on the suit of this card: hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. Each member of the group will try to ``receive" the message and will write down what he or she thinks the suit chosen was.

Repeat the shuffling and sending ten times with the sender writing down each time what the correct suit was. At the end of the ten trials the sender should reveal the choices and each person will determine his or her score as the number of correct answers. The sender should then make a list of these scores and record these on the black board.

Journal Assignment:

Read the new Chance news and choose an article that interests you. Find the full text of the article on gopher and read it. Give your comments on this article in your journal.


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