Student Evaluation of Chance Course

Note to instructors: please modify this survey as needed so that it reflects the components of your version of the CHANCE course.

Please use the following scale to rate each component of the course, and add any comments you might have that will help us understand the reason for your rating.

U = unsatisfactory
M = marginal
FG = fairly good
VG = very good
E = excellent

1. The selection of topics presented in the course (e.g. list some here....)

U		M		FG		VG	         E

Topic you liked best:__________        Why?

Topic you liked least:__________       Why?
2. The course format: (problems, discussions, small groups, projects)
U		M		FG		VG	         E
3. The use of the computer
U		M		FG		VG	         E
4. The use of journals.
U		M		FG		VG	         E
5. The textbook
U		M		FG		VG	         E
6. The newspaper and journal articles used in the course
U		M		FG		VG	         E
7. The student projects
U		M		FG		VG	         E
8. The class discussions
U		M		FG		VG	         E
9. The small-group discussions
U		M		FG		VG	         E
10. How much have you learned in this course?
An exceptional amount    Very Much     Much     Some      Little
11. All things considered, how would you rate this course?
Exceptionally Good   Excellent  Very Good   Good   Fair   Poor  very poor
12. What did you like best about this class?

13. What did you like least about this class?

14. Do you plan to enroll in another statistics course in the future?

15. How confident do you feel about assessing statistical information reported in a scientific study?

Very confident    Somewhat Confident   Unsure    Not Confident at all
16. How has this course affected your view of how research is conducted?

17. How has this course affected your opinion of how research is presented in the media?

18. Any final suggestions for improving the course?