CHANCE News 1.01
              (1 Sept to 8 Sept 1992)



>>>>>==========>> Cartoon: Dave is in bed and beside the bed the doctor and a show girl holding a large box. The New Yorker, Sept 7, 1992, page 60: "In your case, Dave, there's a choice-- elective surgery, outpatient medicinal therapy, or whatever's in the box that our lovely Carol is holding." <<<========<<

>>>>>==========>> An analysis of eruptions. United Press International 3 Sept 1992 An account of an article in Science which reports that an analysis of eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga Calif. found the normally punctual eruptions changed their timing one to three days before three large earthquakes struck within a 150-mile radius of the geyser between 1973 and 1991. The authors do not suggest that this will lead to a great predictor because of the numerous other things that can disturb the eruptions but suggest that sensitive devices in the ground near the geyser might help in earthquake prediction. It would be interesting to see their data. <<<========<<

>>>>>==========>> Science 21 Aug 1992 This issue has a series of articles about the recurrence of infectious diseases and the problems caused by the onslaught of new drug- resistent bacterial infections. One of the articles gives a wonderful history of the battle against tuberculosis and shows what is really involved in the study of such a disease. How to Sample the World's Genetic Diversity. Science, 28 Aug 1992 Leslie Roberts A report of the first of a series of meetings being held to plan a survey of the genetic diversity of humanity. The discussion centers around two different sampling proposals: one to sample populations defined by some ethnic identifier like language or culture in regions and the other to sample along a geographic grid collecting DNA from aboriginal peoples at more or less evenly spaced locations around the world. <<<========<<

>>>>>==========>> High level of iron tied to heart risk. The New York Times, 8 September 1992 Lawrence Altman

Report of a major study carried out in Finland that showed that high levels of iron are a strong risk factor for heart attacks. The report will appear in Circulation. We will now be talking about ferritin levels-- over 200 is bad. "A ferritin level of 200 or greater more than doubled the relative risk of a heart attack in the study" On the subject of cholesterol level in this study the Times makes the following rather cryptic remarks: "The amount of bad cholesterol, the form known as LDL for low- density lipoprotein, was not a statistically significant risk factor for heart attacks in the study. But the risk from iron was greatest for men with large amounts of LDL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANCE News 1.01 (1 Sept to 8 Sept 1992) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send suggestions to: jlsnell@dartmouth.edu >>>==========>>|<<==========<<<