Chance Lectures

The talks featured below require that Realplayer software and either Netscape or Internet Explorer be installed on your Mac or PC. More particularly, they require that the "Realplayer plug-in" be installed in the plug-ins folder of your browser. If you do not have the "Realplayer plug-in," a free version of Realplayer 5.0 (which includes the plug-in) is available at:

You may also find it necessary, on the Macintosh, to increase the memory alotted to your browser by several thousand kilobytes in order to get these lectures to run properly. Talks that are asterisked have not been "framed" for you. After the first slide turns up you will need to resize its window and position it so that both the slide and the video are visible. It helps to choose "compact" from the "view" menu of RealPlayer and, for the PC version, to check "On Top While Playing". It will also help to make more room on your screen by closing any "bars" at the top of your browser.